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1. How do I make a booking?

To enquire, or make a booking, please contact us via email, Facebook messenger, landline, or mobile. If we are available for your chosen date we can discuss the details of your wedding by any of the aforementioned ways, or arrange a free consultation, where we can run through the schedule of your wedding day, the style of your wedding film and your music choices.

I will then email you a booking form with a full breakdown and once you’ve paid the deposit, I will send you a return email confirming your booking and the date. We will run through the details once more a couple of weeks, or so prior to your wedding, but you can contact at us at any point if you have any further questions.

2. How far will Neil Harris Videography travel?

We are based on the Wirral and film all over the North West, including Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire. We also film further afield, although extra travel costs may be involved.

3. What video and sound equipment does Neil Harris Videography use?

We use broadcast standard 4K, HD and also high end DSLR cameras and use professional Vinten tripods as well as a variety of steadicam and gimbal systems to assure stable imagery.

Sound is recorded with broadcast standard Sennheiser directional microphones, which perfectly capture essential audio and ambient sound, as well as Sennheiser lavelier (clip) microphones, so that wedding vows and speeches are heard crystal clear in our wedding films.

4. What music do Neil Harris Videography use?

We always ask that you provide us with a list of approximately a dozen songs of your own choice to select from when editing your wedding film, which we like to have at least a couple of weeks before your wedding, so that we can begin editing immediately.

Any hymns sung during your wedding ceremony are copyright free. Music added later that is copyrighted doesn’t require any licensing, unless couples decide to give away copies, at which point we always obtain a limited manufacture license on their behalf.

5. How long until you receive the finished film?

Editing usually begins a day or so after the filming of your wedding and it generally takes a couple of weeks to complete the whole process of editing, sound mixing, colour grading, titling, encoding, creating the art work and disc authoring. At busy periods the whole process may take slightly longer, we usually attempt to deliver your finished film within a month of filming your wedding.

All master recorded and edited materials are kept indefinitely, so you can rest assured that extra copies can be ordered at any point.

6. What insurance cover does Neil Harris Videography have?

We have full Professional Indemnity Insurance, which includes Public Liability Insurance and Accidental Damage and Equipment Loss Insurance up to £10 million.

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